Caring for Your Potomac Hardwood Flooring

Potomac Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors can be a beautiful focal point in any Potomac home. They come in many different varieties, colors and finishes. Although hardwood floors are durable and will last for years, homeowners still must take care to keep up the maintenance to preserve their beauty.

The key to keeping your Potomac hardwood floors lustrous and lovely, the first thing to keep in mind is to keep the floors as clean and dry as possible. Hardwood floors will dull over time as dust and dirt get ground into the finish. The longer it sits on the wood the more embedded it will get, ruining a floor’s finish. As the finish gets stripped away by dirt and sand particles, the wood itself can become exposed, inviting all sorts of damage. Starting off by applying a good coat of high-quality wax will help keep the wood protected and make it easier to clean up spills; they can also be easily cleaned everyday with a micro-fiber cloth mop and one of the many cleaning products designed for wood floors.

Protect your floors also from deep scratches and dings from heavy furniture. Keep large area rugs under heavy furniture like sofas and under no circumstances move a piece of furniture by dragging it. There are companies that make small plastic discs with felt bottoms that work great under each leg of furniture that help protect against scratches from moving furniture. Most Potomac home-improvement stores should have them in stock. Another thing that might scratch your hardwood floors is the toenails of any pets you may have. That’s another reason to keep your pet’s nails clipped and neat, too!

Speaking of your pups and kitties, make sure to clean up any accidents that happen on hardwood floors immediately. Aside from the bacteria that urine and feces can spread onto your floors, the acids in pet waste can really attack wood, especially if there are already scratches that allow it to get to raw wood. That is another reason to keep a good coat of floor wax on your hardwood.

Perhaps the biggest danger to your Potomac hardwood floors is water. High humidity, roof leaks, plumbing leaks and other sources of water can do a number on hardwood if not cleaned up and dealt with right away, plus the damage that water can do is exponentially more expensive to fix. In cases where major flooding is present in your home, due to burst pipes or the weather, call a professional Potomac flooring installation company right away to start the process needed to salvage your floors and fix any damage.

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