How To Solve Various Flooring Problems

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Not every floor is perfect, and not every floor installation can solve the existing problems. To be a flooring expert, you have to know how to solve certain problems with existing old floors, or you can’t expect the problem to go away.

Two key aspects of installing a new floor are to determine what problems exist and what the homeowner really needs. For instance, a slippery ceramic tile floor may not be the best option for the bathroom in spite of the fact that it is waterproof. Equally, applying epoxy to a garage floor isn’t always the best answer.

Professionals like ours at Bath & Floor Stiles Inc. have solved different flooring problems when installing new floors. Take a look at some of the common issues we have come across and what can be done to solve them.

What Can Be Done About Uneven Floors?

An uneven floor can be frustrating to deal with. Perhaps it’s because one type of floor was installed next to a thinner floor type. Or perhaps a new floor was installed over part of an old one. Unless the subfloor needs repair (evidenced by warping, sloping, or bowing), you can fix uneven sections of the floor pretty easily during a new installation.

Your contractor may use a self-leveling underlayment compound underneath the new floor. It is applied directly over the subfloor and then the new floor is installed on top.

This compound can be applied to wood, tile, concrete, or terrazzo. Depending on the problem and the type of floor you are installing, your flooring contractor may have other suggestions to solve the problem.

Hate Your Cold Bathroom Floor?

Let’s face it, a cold bathroom floor is the worst. It’s impossible to disrobe when your feet are freezing cold against a ceramic tile or laminate flooring. No matter how much you turn up the heat, the floor still stays cold.

Replacing your old cold bathroom floor with something warmer is a great idea, but you can’t just put carpet in the bathroom! Some materials retain heat better while others will quickly lose it.

Here are a few warmer flooring options to look into for your bathroom:

  • Cork
  • Soapstone
  • Natural Stone with radiant heat underlayment
  • Vinyl or laminate with insulating underlayment

Afraid To Let Your Laundry Touch The Garage Floor?

Doing laundry in the garage is something that a lot of homeowners have to put up with. The problem is how quickly the garage floor gets dirty. You don’t dare drop a shirt as you transfer it to the dryer or you’ll wind up washing it over again.

If your laundry room (well, area…) is located in the garage, you can do something about that dirty flooring. No, we’re not talking about garage floor epoxy, we are talking about rubber flooring for the garage!

With rubber flooring, you don’t ever have to worry about epoxy peeling or redoing the job. There are rubber floor systems that are made for just a small laundry area or the entire garage.

These options come in high-quality rubber in floor rolls, mats, and interlocking tiles. We should know, we carry and install them! And we know that they can solve your dirty laundry room floor problem very quickly.

Check out these high-quality rubber floor options in:

  • Eco Surfaces
  • Amorim Rubber Floors
  • Johnsonite

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