5 Considerations When Choosing Your Washington D.C. Floor Coverings

Washington DC Floor CoveringsIf you’ve spent good money to buy or build a nice Washington D.C. house you probably want to create a great home with good floor coverings. This article looks at a few considerations when you’re planning your home decor and helps you to make wise choices before you make any financial outlay.

1. Purpose. Before you spend any money, it’s a good idea to get a strong feeling for the purpose of each room or living area. Deciding this at the outset will help you to be focused on how to proceed with the following points. Do you want an area that is quiet for contemplation, study or relaxing? Do you want an area that can be used for family fun, that’s hard wearing and long lasting? Do you want a room that will stimulate romance and intimacy? The decision of purpose will help with the choice of floor covering that will be the foundation of what comes after. Remember you might decorate the walls a number of times, but you’re unlikely to change the type and style of flooring to often.

2. Color and texture. Having decided on the purpose of the living area you can now begin to think about color and texture. Ask yourself what color would best suit your purpose? If you want a room to look small and cozy then you should opt for a darker color. If you want it to look big and airy you should opt for lighter colors and shades. Remember too that your choice of color will also affect the apparent temperature of a room. Shades of green and blue will have a cooling effect, whilst yellows, browns and reds will have a warming effect.

3. Material. With reference to the purpose of the room a wise person carefully considers the type of material to use for the floor covering. There are many options available ranging from carpet, wood, tiles and laminates. They can be supplied in a variety of shades, patterns and textures with many now being laid in combination with another. When choosing your material consider carefully the affect it will have on sound. If you want a quiet room then you need to select carpets or rugs because they have the ability to absorb sound whereas hardwood floors will reflect it.

4. Pricing. If cash flow is an issue, then you need to consider what you can afford and perhaps trade off luxury for durability to suit your budget. Always remember that the most economical is the best you can afford. It’s best to find a supplier who considers your bank account as much as their own, and throws in good service as part of the deal!

5. Service. When spending money on floor covering you want to ensure that the product is good quality and that it is installed with the same level of quality. It’s no good having an expensive carpet if it’s not fitted properly. It won’t impress anyone, you’ll be disappointed and it may well fail to do the job you hoped.

Remember that in order to make a house a home, you need to create the right environment and the floor is where it all begins! Choose your Washington D.C. floor coverings wisely and they will set the stage for a beautiful room that’s fit for the desired purpose.

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