Floor Tile Cleaning – Avoid Scratching Your Washington DC Floors

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Washington DC Tile CleaningA tiled floor – be it natural stone, slate or man-made ceramic tiles – offers a natural and elegant look and is a cost effective solution which, if maintained and cared for, should last for many years. However there is a perception that tiles are very easy to clean which is not entirely true, and without careful maintenance, such as tile cleaning, you may soon find yourself with a marked and uneven floor which has an unsatisfactory appearance.

Many tiles, especially fabricated tiles, have a glossy surface and are essentially wipe clean floors, however it is entirely possible for a floor to become stained and merely wiping a damp cloth once a week probably won’t keep your floor clean.

Grout is a material that needs to be properly sealed and cleaned, but even the tiles themselves can become marked and stained – and the reason for this is usually tiny surface scratching and abrasions which occur over time and provide a space for bacteria and staining to gather over time as the surface has been exposed. Scratching will damage the surface layer of the tile and can remove a sealer that has been applied so it makes sense to try to limit such scratching as much as possible.

Most dirt and grit is introduced into the environment on the soles of shoes (figures suggest up to 80% of it) so it makes sense to start with prevention. The simple step of placing doormats at entrances should reduce the amount of dirt which is walked in. If you doubt the validity of this, just take a look at the soles of your shoes the next time you walk in off the street and you’ll see just how much this is true.

Despite the care you may take it is inevitable that some dirt will find its way onto the floor surface so regular sweeping and vacuuming should help avoid this grit from scratching the surface.

Another cause of scratching is from chair legs and the corners of furniture and heavy objects. This can be partially avoided by placing felt tips of the tips of chair legs and simply by taking care when moving heavy objects. Don’t bang the objects down and avoid dragging wherever possible.

A sealer can be scratched and damaged but the application of one is a good way to protect the surface. A company which specializes in Washington DC floor tile cleaning will be able to recommend and apply a suitable sealer which is probably the best single way to protect the floor.

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