How to Choose the Right Modern Tile For Your Home

Category: Tile Flooring

Washington DC Modern TileWith all the new designs constantly hitting the Washington DC modern tile flooring market, searching for the right tile for your bathroom or kitchen can seem a bit overwhelming. Take a deep breath… I am going to share with you some helpful hints to get you on the right path.

#1 – Size Matters: choosing the right size tile is key to any modern bathroom or kitchen tile project. Larger tiles seem to be king nowadays, however getting a tile too large for your room will look just plain stupid.
Try to stick to even numbers. If you can only put one tile and a half on one wall your tiles are just too big. If one wall of your bathroom is 6 feet long for instance. Try to use a 12 x 24 inch tile on the wall. You will get 3 full tiles and your wall will look very clean cut.

#2 Keep it simple: Try not to go for exotic artwork for you bathroom. You might love the tile with the big flowers today and hate it in 5 years. Simple designs will also keep you free to make changes in your bathroom and will avoid any conflicting within the room.

#3 Matte VS Polished – It’s your choice: A very common question asked to me by customers is whether to use high gloss tile or matte tile finishes. The answer to this question is simple. It’s whatever you like. Some people like matte and some people like high gloss. Some tiles use both glossy and matte effects to really dazzle you. Just pick what your attracted to.

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