Ceramic Flooring Installation
in Washington DC

Ceramic Tile Flooring InstallationCeramic tile offers many advantages as a floor choice if you wish to avoid petroleum based flooring in your home. Carpet and vinyl flooring not only are mostly oil based, they also stink, sorry but it's true, when new. Plus those floors continue to off gas for years as the fumes become part of your body.

What's more, installation of Washington DC ceramic flooring materials must be done probably only once in the lifetime of most users. Whereas most competing products must be removed and replaced, with all the attendant hassles and cost, multiple times within a lifetime.

Not only is the material environmentally friendly, it also stands up to hard use and is relatively easy to keep clean and easy to maintain. Repair really presents few problems too. A cracked tile can be easily removed and replaced. If no pieces are available to match, a totally contrasting art piece can be used as a replacement for a bit of an artistic touch.


Some Eco-Friendly Flooring Products We Use

Expanko Ceramic Tiles Expanko, best known for high quality cork flooring, also offers floating floor, recycled rubber and cork/rubber flooring, as well as other types of cork products. At Expanko we are dedicated to offering innovative, environmentally friendly products which are durable, comfortable and easy to maintain.
Natural Elements Ceramic Tiles Inspired by the best nature has to offer, Natural Elements is a collection of sisal, coir, seagrass, mountaingrass, and wool carpets and rugs. The distinctive look of sisal. The natural hues of coir. The sleekness of seagrass and mountaingrass. The refined look of wool. Any of these Natural Elements are perfect to beautify any room, naturally. Natural Elements, a Glen Eden brand.
Teragren Ceramic Tiles Teragren is a U.S.-based manufacturer of fine bamboo flooring, panels, veneer and parquet butcher block. Teragren is also a company on a mission. Like all businesses, Teragren wants to be successful. But their definition of success includes not only high-quality products and excellent customer service but also environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing and business practices.

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